Mung Bean Porridge

Mung Bean Porridge (Bubur Kacang Hijau)


2 cups mung bean washed

4 tbsp coconut palm sugar, grinded or powdered

2 pieces pandan leaves, cut into 4 for each pieces

4 cm ginger, sliced

Sprinkle of salt (optional)

4 cm cinnamon

500 ml Coconut milk in a can



    Soak mung bean in water for minimum 2 hours, preferably more than 4 hours or until beans are expanded, then wash.
    Bring water to boil, enough to cover beans. Put mung bean, pandan leaves, cinnamon, ginger. Turn to low heat to simmer until soften (but not too soft) and water until 1/4.
    Add in coconut palm sugar and coconut milk. Keep stirring and simmering until reaching oatmeal consistency.
    Optional: Sprinkle with salt according to your taste. I like sweet and mild salty taste. Not that salty in sense of savoury. Put salty bit by bit until it reaches your preference.


Healthier alternative:

To minimize coconut milk intake, I modify step 3.

Add coconut palm sugar with water instead of milk.

When serving in a bowl, I add coconut milk as topping.


    Benefits of soaking mung bean in water is to fasten cooking process also remove gas in beans which is bad for digestion.
     Never heat coconut milk more than 80 degrees. It will diminish its flavor and fragrance.
    If recipe permits, always try to cook coconut milk at the last minute.

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