About the site

My name is Joe Murray. I have three little kids and I have purchased virtually every  type of product for babies  toddlers that you can imagine. My wife and I have had three strollers, 7 different car seats, baby seats, toddler seats, entertainment systems, and baby monitors.

You name it, we’ve bought it and or re-bought it several times. Kids are great, but they are expensive! My goal is to share my experience with you so that you can make more informed decisions and possibly buy better.

Stuff, Stuff And More Stuff!

As our family grew we found that we constantly needed more stuff. The main reason for this is out kids were very close in age. So even though we had a great single stroller, as soon as the second child arrived we found we then needed a double stroller.

Since we tend to travel and vacation a lot, we then also realized that we needed a stroller that’s better for the beach. And since we are an active family, we found we needed a way to take our kids safely behind our bicycles. So as you can see, if you are a busy family there is a lot of stuff to buy.

On this site, I’m focusing on strollers. The reason is simple, they tend to be varied and the most expensive set of products you have to buy. And the choices are vast.

I hope our experiences and this site can help you make informed smart decisions about buying your next purchase of baby gear.